Rut&Circle is a Swedish fashion company since 2007 that creates affordable
clothing inspired by the latest international trends. Rut&Circle has focused on
being able to represent the modern woman at any stage of her life.
Our collections include a wide range of clothing for every occasion, from everyday
t-shirt and jeans to a dress for a night out. The well thought out collections are
designed and created by our designers, buyers and ambassadors.

Rut&Circle’s own concept store is located in Gothenburg, Sweden but customers
all over the world can find clothes and fashion available on the Rut&Circle website.
It doesn’t stop there, Rut&Circle is expanding everyday and today we are represented
at over 250 retailers in Europe and on different fashion websites online. All the stores
representing Rut&Circle are updated weekly with new products representing the latest
fashion trends from our collections.

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