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Rut & Circle is a Swedish fashion brand founded in 2007.

Our basic idea is to create complete collections inspired by the latest international trends, which should be accessible to everyone. The collections contain everything from an everyday t-shirt and a pair of jeans, to an outstanding party outfit for a night on the town.

The goal is to stand out and to create exciting and colorful outfits at an attractive price level.

We want to represent the modern woman in all stages of life.

"The best we know is creating garments that pop and then seeing our customers wear them and blossom!"

We are addressing you, your best friend, sister and colleague

We have always focused on creating collections that complement other brands. And our niche is undeniably festive tops, creative sets and dresses in all colors and shapes. As we have grown, so have our collections, and today we are happy to be able to present collections that contain most of the product groups.

We have been around for a while, so long that we had time to change our name once, had stores in the brand's name and changed both owners and producers.


In addition to our own webshop, we also sell our garments to other stores. You may have come across Rut & Circle that way before?


We have our showroom with current collections on Roslagsgatan in central Stockholm.

If you would like to book a meeting, please contact us via the contact form above.


We have partners and showrooms in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Austria .

If you wish to get in touch with us with a wholesale request, you can click further above.